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Director | DOP | Camera Operator | Editor

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Nader Ait Laouad is a Berlin-based independent filmmaker born in Germany. His roots are in Morocco, and his entire life he's been thinking of his identity: he dreams in German, nevertheless/yet he feels strongly connected to his ancestors, the Amazigh people which lived thousands of years ago in North Africa. 


Since 2010 he has worked internationaly in multiple music video and film productions as well in commercials for various brands such as BMW, Sony Music, Universal Music, Red Bull, Flying Steps Entertainment and many more. He works as a film director, D.O.P as well as in post-production and colour grading, marketing etc.   and is the cofounder of film production company Shuto Crew. 


Nader’s inspiration is the complexity of the world and he wants to show the beauty of this complexity in his work. He is a free spirit and wants to discover the world and be surrounded by many cultures and influences. He values teamwork and is grateful for his friends and film crew for the support which he finds inevitable for good filmmaking.


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Creating a special look and
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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